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Kaya Law Firm

     KAYA Law Firm was founded by Att. Özgür Kaya in Istanbul in 2004. As of its establishment, KAYA provides high quality of services to its clients from Turkey and abroad particularly from the Middle East region through its head office in Istanbul and other offices in Izmir and Dubai. KAYA Law Firm operating with over 70 legal professionals and consultants specialized in private law and administrative law, and with over 50 copyright control and licensing team members, aims to provide and ensure special, long lasting and result-oriented legal security for each client. KAYA has the ability to serve its clients in Turkish, English and Arabic.
     KAYA also represents and offers its services to domestic, foreign and multinational commercial, industrial and financial institutions including leading companies and royal families from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Lebanon, and to clients from the United States and European Union countries.
     KAYA Law Firm is the official representative of the Dubai South Project of the United Arab Emirates / Dubai State, which has an approximate value of 100 billion Dollars. KAYA also manages the Turkish funds of Emirates Investment, Saudi Investment and Dubai Investment Agency as one of the largest funds in the Middle East. The official partner of KAYA Law Firm in the United Arab Emirates is Sheikh Suhail Bin Khalifa Bin Saeed Al Maktoum who is a member of the Dubai Royal Family.
     As for the financial achievements of KAYA, it has brought over 1.6 billion Dollars of direct investment from the Middle East Region to Turkey which 95% of the investment was transferred to the real estate sector and 5% was made for direct company investments. In addition, through its comprehensive legal and financial consultancy services, KAYA also created new business opportunities for Turkish companies valued over 3 billion USD in the Middle East, and still continues its operations for its clients to meet new business opportunities around the globe.


  • KAYA Law Office was established. - 1997
  • KAYA Law Firm started to provide legal services to its clients with its head office in Istanbul. - 2004
  • KAYA Law Firm established KLC Consultancy Dubai - 2006
  • KAYA Law Firm established Invest Istanbul. - 2012
  • KAYA Law Firm established KAYA International Dubai. - 2013
  • KAYA Law Firm started to provide legal services to its clients with its Dubai Office. - 2014
  • Amount of direct foreign investment brought by KAYA Law Firm to reached $ 1.3 billion Turkey by providing commercial consultancy services to its clients. - 2015
  • KAYA Law Firm became Turkey representative of Dubai South Project. - 2016
  • Dubai Royal Family member Sheikh Suhail Al Maktoum became partner of KAYA International. - 2016
  • KAYA Law Firm established the REIF Real Estate Investment Fund. - 2016
  • KAYA Law Firm established REIF Real Estate Investment Trust. - 2016
  • KAYA Law Firm has brought direct foreign investment amounting over $1.6 billion to Turkey by providing commercial consultancy services to its clients. - 2017
  • KAYA Law Firm established Invest Izmir. - 2017
  • Job opportunity provided by KAYA Law Firm to Turkish companies in the Middle East Reached $ 3 billion. - 2018
  • KAYA Law Firm Intellectual Property Audit and Licensing field team became a team of 40 people. - 2019